Why it Matters

InPrime works closely with your business to eliminate legal threats ahead of time.

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Business First

Most lawyers have an almost ironically adversarial relationship with their own clients. There are two reasons for this: Lawyers are usually “legal first”–meaning they start with the law, then figure out how to force their clients into that round hole. Next, because lawyers usually bill by the hour, clients don’t want to talk to lawyers, until they absolutely have to. And that can be too late–when there’s a crisis.

InPrime is different from the get-go. First, we put your business first. Our job is to figure out how the law can best serve your company, not the other way around. And because we aren’t chasing billable hours, you won’t have to economize when it comes to legal advice. We become integrated into your business.

Proactive Legal Advice

If businesses have employees, then they have significant legal exposure in five core areas: company structure; contracts; employment; intellectual property; and leases/CRE. The fact that these are all sources of litigation isn’t always immediately apparent: often, business owners aren’t even aware of the potential legal concerns.

Five Areas of Exposure

Every business with employees has significant exposure in five core areas – company structure, contracts, employment, intellectual property and leases/CRE. Legal threats hide out in these exposure areas.
Therefore, the mission of our legal team is to identify potential issues, then reduce and even eliminate these vulnerabilities. We want to build the business’s resilience to liability until the company is in prime legal condition. (In fact, that’s where our name, InPrime, comes from–getting businesses in prime legal condition.)

“No Assembly Required” Solutions

Most lawyers give you an “assembly-required” solution: They will tell you the technical law, but you’re on your own, as to how your company should best implement those legal principles.

Our approach is different. We aren’t just a legal practice: we’re practical about the law. Our legal team fully assembles all the solutions you’ll need, from start to finish. All so you can spend more time growing your business.

Increased Profits

We believe a healthy business relationship must be profitable for both parties. When we promise a Return on Investment, we mean it. We document the savings you’ve made by being legally proactive: we’ll tell you how many more dollars you have on the bottom line, because you were able to prevent liability.

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