Business First

Most lawyers are legal first. We think about your business first and then put the law around it. And, when we are not counting every minute, we become integrated into your business.

Proactive Legal Advice

We are about proactive legal services that prevent, rather than merely react to, the inconvenience, expense, embarrassment and at times, catastrophe that legal threats can cause in your business.

Five Areas of Exposure

Every business with employees has significant exposure in five core areas – company structure, contracts, employment, intellectual property and leases/CRE. Legal threats hide out in these exposure areas.

Four Types of Legal Threats

Legal threats hide out in the five exposure areas. And, these threats can cause inconvenience, significant expense, embarrassment and even catastrophe to the business. And yet, the business owner is often not even aware the threats are there. The mission of our legal team is draw out and eliminate or reduce these threats. This in turn helps the business build resilience to liability and get in prime legal condition (the get “in prime legal” condition is the basis of our name InPrime).

“No Assembly Required” Solutions

Most lawyers give you an “assembly-required” solution. Here is the technical law; now figure out what to do. Our approach is different. We provide options, make recommendations, and strive always to be two steps ahead. Our legal team fully assembles all the solutions, from start to finish, so you can spend more time growing the business.

Increased Profits

We believe a healthy business relationship must be profitable for both parties. When we promise a Return on Investment, we mean it. We actually document the liability avoided in terms of dollars put back into your bottom line.

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