Introducing a new way to approach Legal for your business

Our model provides a business owner and executive team with an outsourced law department.

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Chief Legal Officer

The Chief Legal Officer (“CLO”) is responsible for the legal team’s work, taking a “business first” approach to achieving your company’s key initiatives.

CLO Meetings

As business owner, you and your CLO meet on a regularly scheduled basis, to discuss pressing issues and opportunities.

Exposure Inspection

At the meetings, the CLO inspects your business for possible legal exposure and then designs a plan to minimize any vulnerability to litigation.

Specialized Legal Team

Through InPrime Legal, you have access to a team of attorneys specializing in a number of legal fields, including: corporations, contracts, competition, employment law and intellectual property. This team–your team–assembles all the solutions, start to finish, so you can spend more time on growing your business.

ROI Report Card

When we promise a Return on Investment, we mean it. We will tell you–in dollars and cents–how much money you’ve saved your company, by using InPrime to reduce your litigation exposure.

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